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  Gwen & Sue with Title Page of Phantomwise  

Sue and Gwen have worked collaboratively to create limited edition artists' books for over twelve years. Although many of their artists' books focus on Australian historic sites and their stories, the works often reflect dramas that are universal.


The books are represented widely in collections within Australia as well as in the United States and in Britain. Both artists design and produce each work, beginning with an initial idea, then by progressively researching material from early colonial times to the present. This forms the core of the book.


The structure and design are shaped by the ideas surrounding each work, and the artwork and intaglio plates (usually sugarlift etching on copper) are made, then printed in the studio. The text is often layered and interwoven with narratives mixed with prose and poetry. All of the text is handset using lead and antique wood type, all printed by hand. Many of the books are finely bound in kangaroo leather or kangaroo vellum.


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